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PRME Ethical Business Leadership in the Global Economy extended course
This 12 session executive course will introduce business leaders to non-market issues that they are likely to encounter in the global economy. The topics covered include conflicts of interest, whistleblowing, social responsibility and much more, and are brought to life through discussion questions about well known cases and thought provoking multimedia resources. Participants in this course will gain experience in exploring professional judgement during class discussions, and they will leave with analytical frameworks and professional standards for responsibility which they can successfully apply in their business and career.

  1. PRME Ethical Business Leadership in the Global Economy – Extended Course Syllabus
  2. PRME Ethical Business Leadership in the Global Economy – Slideshow

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Introductory Slides

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Supplemental Material

Ron  Berenbeim was invited to speak at the University of Lisbon’s Dean’s Management Seminar (in partnership with the the US Embassy). Approximately 120 academics, business people, and US Embassy personnel attended. Ron’s speech and PRME ppt. presentation for that event is linked here:

In addition, Ron was asked to give a six hour intensive course on global business ethics for 40 International Masters’ Degree in International Management candidates.  He used the PRME ppt. for the introductory lecture and the attached syllabus developed for 6-8 hour intensive courses. An important feature is that there are web links for all of the reading assignments.

4 – Why Corruption – Curriculum Issues

5 – Conflicts of Interest – Mini Caselets

6 – International Standards – Teaching Resources

7 – Managing Anti-Corruption Issues – Teaching Resources

8 – Functional Area and Anti-Corruption Issues

11 – The Developing Global Anti-Corruption Regime – Business Dilemmas


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